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FLUHMA! FLUHMA! FLUHMA! (A Children's Musical)

Book and Lyrics by Andy Brown

Music by Jason Spraggins

Based on an original story by Andy Brown

Hear early demos (instrumental midi versions) here:

FLUHMA! FLUHMA! FLUHMA! follows the misadventures of Elliot, a 12 year old who has lost his mother and is adjusting to life with a new stepmother. He's dealing with grief, new responsibilities, and he's not handling it all that well. Enter Mister Manipulo, a wizard who offers to transport Elliot to the carefree world of his favorite video game. However, once Elliot consents, he is actually sent to the magical world of Cerelia, where he is held captive by Mister Manipulo, or Flavius Fluhma, the evil ruler of Cerelia. With the help of new friends along the way, Elliot is able to help defeat Flavius Fluhma, help restore the rightful princess to the throne of Cerelia, return home, and he also learns that while it isn't easy, growing up and letting go are natural parts of life.


Download PDF • 5.82MB

The cast consists of 7 actors (5M, 2W), but the characters of Elliot and Mister Manipulo could just as easily be re-written for female identifying actors as Ellie and Madame Manipulo.


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