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Daydreams and Reflections (Album): Solo Piano Music

"Daydreams and Reflections" is a collection of instrumental songs for solo piano being composed by Jason Spraggins. Writing for this project is still ongoing. Additional song samples will be available in the coming months. Check back for updates.

Current Track Listing:

1. Nocturne 3 (The Blue Hour)

2. Luke 8:24

3. 8213 Summerdal (Buried Secrets)

4. Autumn's Waltz

5. Nocturne 1 (Childhood)

6. Hymn 2013 (Shadows and Light)

7. Bethany

8. Beneath the Ancient Olive Trees

9. Nocturne 2 (In Between)

10. Prelude 1

11. My Love, Departed (From "Elizabethtown: A Musical Western")

12. Caroline's Theme: Etude


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