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"Riding with the Prince" (Spraggins)

"The Garden"  (Spraggins)

"Two Worlds" (Spraggins)

"Don't"  (Spraggins/Brown)

"Yours"  (Spraggins/Brown)

"Ghosts" (Glickstein/Spraggins)

"The Jazzman's Lullaby"  (Glickstein/Spraggins)
"A Hundred Miles from Boulder" (Glickstein/Spraggins)

"There's a Light" (Glickstein/Spraggins)

"You Are There" (Glicktein/Spraggins)
"Stone by Stone" (Glickstein/Spraggins)


Commended Entry, UK Songwritting Contest

"Something True" (Spraggins)-  Commended Entry 2012, Adult Contemp.

"Two Worlds" (Spraggins)-  Commended Entry 2016, Adult Contemp.


Semi-Finalist, UK Songwritting Contest


"Autumn's Waltz" (Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2013, Instrumental

"Nicholas" (Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2011, Adult Contemp.

"The Garden" (Spraggins)- Semi-Finalist 2011, Lyrics/ 2012 Adult Contemp.

"8213 Summerdale (Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2013, Instrumental

"A Hundred Miles from Boulder" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2013, Adult Contemp.

"Ghosts" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2012, Adult Contemp.

"Imaginary Friends" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2012, Lyrics/ 2014, Adult Contemp.

"The Midnight Madam" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2012, Lyrics

"The Jazzman's Lullaby" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Semi-Finalist 2013, Blues/Jazz
"Nocturne 1 (Childhood)- a piece for piano" (Spraggins): Semi-Finalist 2014, Instrumental


Finalist, UK Songwritting Contest

"The True Meaning of Christmas" (Glickstein/Spraggins):  Top Ten Finalist 2014, Christmas

Semi-Finalist, Song of the Year Contest
"Be the Change" (Glickstein/Spraggins)








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